The Craft Shack

By Loopy Loop

Hi! I’m Lisa and my love of craft working has led to the formation of Loopy Loop – a home for creative craft and design, based at The Craft Shack (Southsea Green, Canoe Lake). I’ve been crafting craftily for years, learning a lot along the way and recently completed a Diploma in Fashion and Design.

I’m hugely excited to be here with the good people at Southsea Green (who do a cracking work with local folk) and planting some seeds of my own. I’m interested in designing, making and helping others to design and make beautiful or quirky things. Some of things I like doing;

  • Making personalized designs to commission
  • Making pieces of my own design
  • Updating or reworking existing designs
  • Making items for the home, such as cushions, buntings or quilting
  • Making clothing and toys
  • Using hand or machine stitching, knitting or crochet
  • Repairs to make good old things
  • Workshops and teaching on an individual or group basis

I also love the fact that The Craft Shack is run (well at least partially) on harvested sun beams! I’m hugely grateful to Sue and the gang for helping to create a welcoming creative space here in the heart of the city.

More information will be on its way very soon! If you would like to talk about getting creative or checking out workshops or tuition, then please get in touch on;